The Ridge Approved BYUIdaho Student Housing
Men's Housing: 291 East 7th South Women's Housing: 667 South 2nd East Rexburg, ID 83440

Frequently Asked Questions


What should my son/daughter bring?

Pots and pans, dishes, silverware, cooking items, bedding (including a mattress cover- this is required for health standards) towels, shower curtain, garbage bags, Ethernet cable, cleaning supplies and laundry supplies. 

How do I pay rent?

There are several ways to pay rent. You can pay rent online with a card or e-check. There is a small fee, depending on your bank, to pay with a card online.

Your son or daughter can pay with a check or card in the office. There is no fee if your son or daughter pays with a card in the office. Lastly you can call and we will take your card information over the phone. Again there is no fee.

What size are the beds?

The beds are twin XL for men and women. You'll want to make sure that the sheets your son or daughter brings are twin XL not just twin.

What is the apartment square footage?

Nearly 2,000 sq feet.

Where are you located in Rexburg?

We are at the top of the hill next to the temple. That is the south end of campus near the Hinckley and Ricks buildings.

How far of a walk is it to campus?

To reach the far end of campus it will take approximately 15 minutes. To reach the near side of campus it will only take around 5 minutes.

Will my child have their own room?

Yes, all of our residents have their own bedroom.

How many people are there in an apartment?

There are six students per apartment.

What is the mailing address?

Men's Housing:

291 E. 7th S. Apt #____

Rexburg, ID 83440

Women's Housing:

667 S 2nd E. Apt # ___

Rexburg, ID 83440

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